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Hey, it’s You!  A small-to-medium-sized business in Chicago thinking about hiring a web content writer who can turn your website into the best voice for your business.

Remember Me? A full-service web content writer based in Chicago experienced in all facets of web content writing from Home Page to Contact Us with blogging, newsletters, and editing projects in between.

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  • Did you know over 75% of clients say they would walk away from a business with bad grammar on their website?

  • Did you know many potential clients can’t find you if you only use word of mouth to grow your business?

  • Did you know that a site that tells your business story well engages new clients and helps your business grow?

  • Did you know I can help you achieve all of this and more? 

    Now, let’s get writing & editing so I can introduce you to everyone!

Sk Freelance offers writing resources for all pages of web content, brand development, ghostwritten and byline blogs, newsletters and editing projects giving your small or medium sized business an individual voice.

In addition to creating web content in hundreds of niche markets throughout Chicagoland, I have written  for Chicago Parent , WTMX Moms in the Mix with Chicago’s Science and Industry Museum and interior design articles for a nationally renown Color Designer. I have ‘Om’ed on blissful meditation, proffered thoughts on dating and marriage, pontificated parenting advice, helped design content for a designer and helped many a blogger create titillating tidbits of sultry SEO.

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