Fashion Math Time

I remember those days back in high school when I heard my math teacher talk about ¾ this and ¼ that. Immediately I would zone out. But, ladies, please perk up and pay attention, because I am about to fashionably change your life!

As every woman looks in the mirror on a bad image day, we want to cry. Following these simple math rules of ¾ to ¼ you will always look your very best. Anything you pick on the top (your ¼) must stop at the midsection. The bottom will then be ¾ of your outfit. OR vice-versa. Confused yet? Let’s examine:

You have chosen an awesome black crepe pencil skirt to the knee. Want to ruin it?Put on a tucked in top. Now look in the mirror. You’ve got the 50/50 going on and you’ve just made yourself look shorter, wider and definitely not put together.

Here’s the trick… Switch out that tucked top for a tunic top that hits mid thigh and take another look. You’ve got the ¾ on top and the ¼ skirt peeking through and you’ve slimmed, you’ve elongated your body and you’ve created the illusion of well thought out look.

Let’s try that again. Take a great fitting pair of jeans. Grab a shorter top and pull on a crop jacket. Now we’ve got the ¾ on the bottom and the ¼ on the top. Here’s what it looks like in two different looks:


Do you see how the shorter top actually created the illusion of a tiny waist and the ¾ bottom created super long legs?

Here’s one more example that a lot of women make fashion mistakes with – the capri pant. Here’s what it can look like if you’ve chosen a tunic and cropped pants.


With this 50/50 look above, she looks top and bottom heavy. It was a good attempt at a monotone-lengthening look that failed. Switch out that top for a shorter top and watch what happens:


Yes, she does look thinner, taller and hotter. Just by choosing a shorter cut top you have now created an illusion that works.

It’s so simple to go to the paper bag look when we’re having a bad day. But, actually accentuating what we’ve got, taking a moment to do some ‘fashion math’ will really add up to a fantastic ensemble that looks and feels great.