The Get Well Rehabilitation Center

The Get Well Rehabilitation Center, part of Mckenzie Health Systems’ Wellness Center is rapidly becoming a leader of innovation in patient restoration. Together our compassionate, highly skilled and motivated team of licensed Physical Therapists & Physical Therapist Assistants offers comprehensive evaluations and pain management plans to help patients rapidly return to their daily lives. Once evaluated, our therapists can treat any change in physical ability related to sports or work related injuries, arthritis, muscle weakness, neurological conditions, strains & sprains or other pain-related conditions.

We are delighted to have expanded our services this year to include a brand new Occupational Therapy Department including treatment for stroke patients, nerve damage, hand or wrist injuries and various other modalities. Our new OT department features innovative treatment options and a thorough team of evaluators. We have also incorporated an innovative treatment option for our patients, Aquatic Therapy. This specialized therapy maintains our commitment to always stay on the cutting edge of rehabilitative care. Our attentive and highly trained Occupational Therapists will help patients return quickly to their own routines.

Treatment at our Get Well Center is always provided by a licensed therapist or licensed assistant with flexibility in scheduling. Therapists offer evening hours as well as early morning times to accommodate a busy schedule. Individualized treatment plans are created with the patient’s needs in mind – developed with a thorough explanation of the condition, plan of care to treat the condition, as well as goals to expect to achieve from each individualized treatment plan.

The Get Well Rehabilitation Center’s therapists are firm believers in Mckenzie Health System’s mission to always set efficient and attainable goals. Therapists often work in coordination with other health care providers to create a holistic, cohesive recovery plan incorporating all aspects of the patient’s medical profile. We also understand that our patients hope for independence in promoting and sustaining their own healing.

Come take a closer look at our beautiful, state of the art facility – The Get Well Rehabilitation Center, a leader in patient restoration.