Dressing from the Inside Out

Even the most expensive, well-fitted ensemble will look lumpy and bumpy if you do not focus on your best under assets first. Honing in your ‘girls’ and properly aligning your rear will create allusions of smooth curves, luscious lines and make a fantastic starting point to any outfit.

Get Fit – No, I don’t mean take a jog around the block. I mean, get your body to a real, old-fashioned proper lingerie shop. It may shock you to know that most women are in the wrong bra size and that their panties look more like Grandma’s than the hot babe they are trying to convey. A properly fitted bra can put those girls right where they belong, at attention. The right bra has the power to remove back fat showing through, side sag under-arms and host a whole knew area of cleavage – up right where the girls are meant to be found.

Toss Granny to the Curb – Yes, my ladies. Go through your underwear drawer. If is has holes, slides down as you walk or gives you mid-line tummy indentation, please, I beg of you – toss it. Then get yourself a slew of sexy, feel good panties that are full-coverage backside. Yes, I said full-coverage. Thongs certainly have their place in the bedroom, but for a nice clean line you want full-coverage no VPL (visible panty lines) on your backside.

Smooth Sailing – For an even more seamless look, wearing properly fitted shapers can also trim and slim your outfit. Look for a shaper that doesn’t ride up on thighs, feels comfortable enough to both sit and stand for long periods of time and doesn’t require your body parts to lose circulation!! You can go full body for special occasions, but for an every day look it is fine to just go with a thigh shaper. Bonus Tip: Taking a shaper with you when you try on clothes at the store will give you an extra good look at what things will really look like all gussied up.

Now that you’re properly under-garmented go forth and ensemble! Take your best self and show it to the world. Remember, dressing from the inside out means putting your confident self first. When you feel good in your skivvies you’re going to feel great wearing that new outfit.