Ikea Kitchen Blog

Small Space, Big Design Options

Ikea kitchens give you many storage and design options. Using an Ikea Kitchen Installer, you can work directly with our vast product knowledge to create your dream kitchen – even in a tiny footprint. We work together with you to maximize your kitchen using every inch to its fullest potential.


You may think that in a small kitchen you do not have space for a prep station. However, Ikea offers so many different options – some with built in cooktops or sinks to allow for an island that is big on style and small on floor space. Ikea also carries kitchen carts with a free standing wheeled option for mobility around your space. Bring one over and instantly double your countertop. Your Ikea Installer can assist you in going over your options and a great design plan for your island.

Wall Space

Do not overlook your open wall space as a storage option. Ikea’s rails offer hanging storage for pots, graters and often used cooking utensils. There would be no wasted drawer space and you don’t have to go searching for the right spoon while you are in the middle of a recipe.

The open shelving options at Ikea are endless and a kitchen installer can sit with you and design both closed cabinetry and open shelving for display, storage and well planned layout.

Appliances & Sinks

Ikeas offers dozens of cooktop and sink options. Built in cooktop options, maximize floor space without compromising functionality. Additionally, sinks can come fitted with a custom sized cutting board, so there can be increased counter space when needed.

Height Matters

An Ikea Installer can help you plan to create cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. Using tall cabinetry can allow you more storage space without wasting an inch on design. Proper measurements and custom installation are guaranteed to create the best options for your cabinetry – so you ensure no wasted space in your small kitchen.

Drawer Space

In a smaller kitchen drawer space becomes a commodity. Using Ikea’s interior drawer fittings, you can organize drawers always having what you need readily available and maximize their potential.Working with a smaller kitchen area takes a skilled and keen eye for design. Using our Ikea Kitchen Installation you can definitely create your dream kitchen, at an affordable price even in a small space.