Modern and Ikea Can Go Hand-in-Hand

modern-kitchenHave you been dreaming of Modern Kitchen Design but, could never afford that high-end look? Think, again. Ikea offers many sleek and colorful modern design options for your kitchen. An Ikea Kitchen Installer can help walk you through the aisles as you plan, design and build the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s take a look at the Rubrik Abstrakt line from Ikea. This high-gloss cabinetry comes in a beautiful bright apple green that really makes a modern kitchen pop. High gloss cream or gray are also available options you can utilize as contrast. The low cost, high-end look above can be interwoven with sleek countertop options and linear hardware that your Ikea Kitchen Installer can help you incorporate into your modern kitchen design plan.

Looking for Modern with a transitional twist? Consider this look below.

modern-twistMixing high-gloss and wood grained together still gives you a modern edge to your kitchen but gives interest and contrast to the room. Hardware pulls this look together cohesively. The Ikea Kitchen Installer can help you choose an awesome counter option to keep with your modern design, while offering practicality as well. Here a designer chose a 2-inch thick white Silestone, as well as recommend the pop of green color to offer surprise to the design plan.

Whatever modern dreams you have for your kitchen, contacting our IKEA Kitchen Installation company will help you achieve them considering high-end look on a low-cost budget.