Wedding Flowers Trend in a Vintage Direction

You’ve chosen a vintage, old glam wedding theme. You have the perfect Gown, the vintage-chic color scheme and you’re about to check flowers off your wedding to-do list. You confidently walk into the florist and are suddenly overwhelmed by the stunning, but vast amount of flower choices at your fingertips. The Wedding of your dreams suddenly became the wedding of your nightmares!

How can you make decisions in floral that reflect who you are when you know absolutely nothing about flowers? For answers to this question I have turned to florist Dana Lew, a high-end floral designer based in the Midwest. Dana explained in keeping with a vintage wedding style you have many beautiful and affordable options available.

Flower choices for a Vintage Wedding

“Gathering something old has become front and center,” Dana says. This even translates to the bridal bouquet. Gardenias, Peonies, Lily of the Valley and even inexpensive yet, classic daisies are garnering new attention in the wedding bouquet. These fragrant flowers our grandmothers may have used really add panache and charm to the typical floral options.

Peonies and Gardenias come in a wide range of vibrant colors. When mixed with the more subtle tones of a lily or a daisy you can really create a feminine and lovely vintage bouquets and centerpieces.

Bring on the Lace

When you look back to photos of Great Grandma’s beautiful gown you will notice the heavy use of lace. Incorporating this into your floral arrangements can also add to your vintage vibe. Using lace on the table center or wrapping bouquets in lace are great ways to add texture and sophistication to your theme.

Jewels for Your Bouquet

Floral designer Dana also discussed the elegance of adding jewelry to your flowers. “You jeweled up your neck, your tables and now you can even add dazzle to your handheld bouquet through the use of floral ‘jewels’. Many designers are now creating beautiful, handmade pieces that can easily be added to your special day and continue to add to that vintage vibe.

The best part of choosing jewels for your bouquet is the ability to hold on to this keep sake long after the flowers have dried and the gown has been put in the closet. It can become a family heirloom, a story to be shared with family and friends as well as a beautiful, one of a kind addition to your wedding photos.

Whatever design you choose, Vintage can be a beautiful, classic option to incorporate into your special day.