Just a few of our most recent client projects:

Castline Properties 

Castline engaged us to help them develop a voice and brand to define them from the myriad of boutique real estate companies throughout Chicagoland. Upon meeting with the ‘jeans and sneakers’ approachable Castline group we created content that aligned with their down-home, personalized approach to buying and selling homes. By developing a site that spoke to first-time home buyers, Castline created a niche market for Millennial buyers that spoke directly to their environmental conscience and their need for approachable agents. SK Freelance curated, wrote and edited all content inclusive of site pages, bios and buyer’s/seller’s guides.

Walter Daniels

WD came to SK Freelance looking to identify themselves as a contender in commercial construction and highlight their rich history as developers in Chicagoland for decades. We met with WD and helped them create a brand and voice that spoke to their with a longstanding family business story and the role they have played in commercial construction as a leader in their field. We wrote, edited and published all content including case studies and bios – working in conjunction with their graphic design team to create one cohesive site.

Lisa Ruderman

California-based therapist Lisa, approached SK Freelance asking us to interview her. Her goal was to develop an emotionally focused brand and website that would express her specialized background and approach to couples counseling. After we created a cohesive brand to match her graphics we also wrote all content for the site as well as a bio explaining Lisa’s story and personalized approach to her clients.

Erasore Inc.

Looking to transition from a clinic to a workshop and education-based style of treatment for PT, Erasore approached SK Freelance to create branding direction and website content for their new venture.  With a holistic vibe towards wellness for the whole body, we created content that spoke to the client in mind, body and soul. Site to be published soon.


Life-organizer Lauren was looking for a new website that really appreciated all of the passion she has for personal organizing and  task-doing. A full-service approach with an emphasis on the magic and empowerment having you life literally made easier branded Lauren and created the confidence she needed to push “Publish” on her updated and fresh website.

Chicago Parent

Regular contributor and mommy-blogger writing on topics on parenting, motherhood and relating to self for Chicago Parent. Also wrote topics on local neighborhood happenings.